Enriching the Experience
of Aging and Eldercare
(A letter from AgingPro.com founder Dr. Cheryl Mathieu)

Few want to talk about it. Some don't even want to say the word. Yet it's a natural part of life and will affect all of us in one way or another. I'm referring to Aging.

Aging has become a taboo subject in our American culture, something we pretend isn't there. If you read the paper, watch TV, or go on the Web, you mostly see images of youth, thinness, wealth and beauty. However, we are beginning to realize our population is aging - and so are we.

I'm here to tell you that getting older can be a positive experience and have its own unique rewards. Contrary to the whispered implications, it doesn't have to be a time of withering away and going to a nursing home. Fun, happiness, success and fulfillment aren't just the things of youth; they can be enjoyed abundantly throughout life. Seniors can stay independent, active and vital as they age. Getting older CAN mean getting better, if you have the right attitude, information and resources.

As a professional in aging, I'm exposed daily to the challenges, frustrations and vulnerability of families called - through choice or circumstance - into caring for an aging person and struggling to deal with the new situation. They're desperate for assistance and often in crisis. Where do they start? What resources are available to help them physically, legally, financially, emotionally?

The information and help they need usually is available but often very hard to find. It no longer has to be that way. I am committed to making resources accessible to a vulnerable population and improving the quality of life for everyone involved with an aging senior. AgingPro.com is a big step in that direction.

Empowering caregivers and improving the quality of life for older people is my calling and it's why I developed AgingPro.com. The intention is to educate and inspire aging seniors, family caregivers, and the professionals that serve them. If you are looking ahead to your own future, the AgingPro website also provides the tools you will need to take control of creating your aging, your way.

When you and your loved ones have the information and assistance you need to address basic concerns, you can focus on the loving, the connection, the fun, and the joy of living. Professionals can provide crucial support and know they are making a difference and maximizing their service. Caregiving and getting older don't have to be things we suffer alone or in silence. AgingPro breaks the pattern of willful ignorance and changes the face of aging to a joyful and enriching time.

Please join me in making AgingPro.com a great experience for all. If you're a professional or family caregiver, share what you know with us. If you're on the receiving end of support (whether a senior or a caregiver), tell us what you'd like to see here, what you need. Together, we can create a positive experience of aging, and learn to live our whole lives.

My hope is that AgingPro surpasses your expectations, and provides everything you seek - and more.

All the best,

Dr. Cheryl Mathieu