Chuck Jackson
Early onset Alzheimers

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Blessings to Chuck

Chuck stopped emailing us at AgingPro, and we send our blessings to him. We aren't sure if his disease has progressed to a point that he can no longer email. We think his courage of sharing his early stage Alzheimer's is important enough to include here, and can be added to when someone else comes forward to share their own story. Thank you, Chuck, for sharing your story with us.


Chuck is one lucky guy

Over the past year, I have gotten a lot of questions about what it is like to have Alzheimer's disease.  Some of these have been from friends and acquaintances. Some have been from perfect strangers. I got used to having friends question me after my diagnosis, and very quick departure from work.  My co-workers wondered what was wrong with me. When I would tell them, they would respond with disbelief, "I don't see it! Your doctor must be wrong!"  When I bump into those same people today...


Meet Chuck, Early Alzheimer's

“My name is Chuck, and I have Early On-set Alzheimer\\\'s disease!  I was diagnosed at age 50 by my General Practitioner.   And, I take Namenda, Razidyne and a bunch of supplements to stave off the symptoms.  My symptoms include the following: short term memory loss, inability to speak what I am thinking, falling due to balance and loss of muscle control, and a lot of un-named headaches, which I sometime describe as "electric shocks going through my brain". I have \\\'good\\\'...

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