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Mom's house, and glue

My mom passed away a year ago, yet I still refer to my parent's house as "mom's house." It doesn't seem fair to dad. When we go over to see my dad, I still say "let's go to Mom's house." My mom was the glue of the family. The nine kids in our family got together around mom. Since her passing, we have fallen away in a way that we hadn't before. We seem to live more separate lives now. I didn't realize how much she anchored us before. The importance of motherhood glue has struck a deep...


Special rank; Mom needs help, where is everyone?

The recurring questions: "So, are you the only child?" " Oh, the rest of your siblings live out of the area?" "Your sister is an R.N.?" "Who has power of attorney?" Answers: "Um, no, I am number 8 of 9 children." "Well, actually, all but 2 live within a mile and a 1/2 from our parents." "Yes, my sister is a nurse; she has been for over 20 years." "I have power of attorney." Sometimes when the questions are directed to me, it is almost embarrassing to respond. I know what...


Daddy's Diapers

I wheel my cart around to the back of the store; it's not too full, but this is about as full as it's going to get. Hmmm....I have a bit of a problem. I need to do some rearranging, obviously. "Give me the bag of potatoes, and maybe the 12 pack of sodas. Okay, that's pretty good" As I stare down at the contents I can still see the suspect bag peeking out from under the Diet Coke. My children are a bit baffled, but are wise enough not to question my motives. "Was that Jordan's mom I saw when...

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