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Skin, bedsores

Recently I found a new wonder cream for bedsores - called Bag Balm. This cream is found in the facial cream area of the drug store. Apply it to the skin where the sore is, usually the buttocks or low back area. It has started to help quickly. A hospice nurse first told me about this cream, and it has helped when A&D and others would not. Good luck!


5 Tips for Visiting the Doctor

5 Tips for Visiting the Doctor Preparation can help the trip to the doctor go more smoothly.  Here are some tips. 1.    Schedule the appointment at the best time of day for your client.  For example, the client I work with functions better in the afternoon.  There were times when we had to reschedule morning appointments for the afternoon because she didn’t want to get up, and therefore she wouldn’t cooperate with me. 2.    Ask the doctors office staff when their office is...


Activities for People with Dementia

Engaging the Alzheimers Patient in Activities ---- One of the important parts of Alzheimers care is keeping the mind and body active.  Plan activities that the patient is interested in, such as cooking, walking, gardening, swimming or art.  It the person is lucid enough, involve them in doing puzzles, crosswords, or playing memory games.  I have a patient who loves to do nothing else but shop.  Knowing that she is going shopping gives her something to look forward to.  Always try to...


Warning signs - dementia & safety

Warning Signs to Determine That it is No Longer Safe to Leave an Alzheimers Patient Alone ----- - Wanders or becomes disoriented -  Unpredictable or confused under stressful situations -   No longer able to use the telephone to call for assistance from neighbors or 911 -    Does not notice dangerous situations such as fires or spilled water on the floor -    Forgets to close the front door -    Forgets to turn off the stove or water faucet when finished with it


Learning about my client

I started paying attention to what "my client" liked and didn't like.  For example, she liked gummy bears and chocolate kisses.  I would purchase gummy bears and chocolate kisses and bag them up in little baggies.  Then, throughout the day, I would walk up to her with a small bag in my hand filled with gummy bears or chocolate kisses behind my back.  I would ask her to close her eyes, then pick a hand.  When I open my hand, there would be something there that she really enjoyed and she...

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