Managing Dementia Behavior Issues

When caring for clients with Alzheimer’s disease, never take their behavior personally. Always do your best to be kind, patient, calm, supportive and flexible. Keep in mind that they are not purposefully acting like they are. This disease is not their fault.

I have a client who occasionally used to take her keys and her purse and just walk out of the house and off to the bank. She always thought she had some important banking business to take care of. Going to the bank was something she was used to doing regularly. In the beginning, I got frustrated whenever this would happen. I would go after her down the street and she would scream at me, “Leave me alone! Get away from me!” and all of her neighbors would stare. They had no idea who I was.

At this point, I knew it was time for me to implement a new strategy. I had to find some way to prevent this from happening again. That’s when I started taking her out shopping more- this client loves to shop. After a few weeks of this, she got used to me driving her all over to different cities finding new stores to go shopping. She didn’t even think about wandering off to the bank or anyplace else anymore. She was getting out of the house, like she wanted to, and participating in activities like she used to.

Implementing care strategies to match your client is so important. Think of solving problems like this as a fun, creative challenge.

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