Federal FY 2009 Funding

The federal fiscal year begins on October 1, 2008.
It is expected that there will be no FY 2009 budget enacted before the new administration takes control of the government--on January 20, 2009.  Realistically, it will probably be about 6 months into the fiscal year before the federal departments know their funding levels for FY 2009.
It is expected that Congress will pass a "continuing resolution" this fall to fund federal departments until the final FY 2009 budgets are enacted.  [The current administration has threatened to veto any spending legislation which exceeds the amounts included earlier this year in the administration's budget proposal.  The administration's budget proposal included significant cuts in funding for domestic programs.  Cuts in domestic programs are unpopular with many members of Congress--their constituents do not like to lose services (e.g., Meals on Wheels) which are essential to maintain the quality of their lives.]
Frequently, a continuing resolution will fund federal departments "at their current level".  Essentially, the departments would receive exactly what they received in the last approved budget.  Flat funding in an extended continuing resolution [6 months expected] essentially will mean a cut in funding for many programs which benefit older adults.  "The baby boomers are coming!!"  This cohort is in now reaching the age at which they are eligible for many "senior" programs.  Significant increases in the number of people eligible for a program with no increase in funding equates to a funding cut.
Obviously, "THE ECONOMY" also impacts the need for funding.  Anyone who has been to a gas station or grocery store recently knows that prices are not what they were one month ago.  Certainly, they are not what they were when the FY 2008 budget was enacted.
The "continuing resolution" for FY 2009 funding should not be flat funded.

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