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Rachael Freed, M.S.W., L.M.F.T.
Ask the Legacy Expert

February 2nd, 2008
What is a Legacy?

Legacies are the written footprints we leave behind. They prove that we were here: we lived, mattered, and made a difference. Your legacy records who you are: a gift to yourself today and a gift for the future.  Preserving your legacy connects you to your history, gives purpose to your life, and is a unique opportunity to:
  • Reclaim the legacies of your foremothers & past generations,

  • Clarify your identity, values, and wisdom,

  • Communicate your stories and bless future generations.

Your legacy will nurture your loved ones. Your written words will fill the holes in their hearts and the gaps in their histories. They will know and remember you through your stories. Your values will encourage and inspire them. Your blessings will teach them love.

Today more than ever our loved ones and the world need our wisdom. We have an obligation to record our personal values, family stories, and express our love. As we do, we link the generations, strengthen families, and the very fabric of civilization.

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