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Denys Cope RN, BSN, MSS
Ask the Expert Nurse and End of Life Coach

Denys Cope, RN, BSN is an educator, author, healthcare consultant, and counselor, specializing in the dying process, eldercare, including Alzheimer’s disease, and end-of-life issues. Denys has over 40 years of experience with a varied background in hospital, psychiatric, eldercare, home health and has been a hospice nurse for over 20 years. She has developed a private practice as a Healthcare Coach and Consultant. She serves as a resource, an advocate, case manager and/or a support for persons faced with navigating the medical system.

Denys has been involved with a great many people during their last days, and is known for her compassion, strength, and wisdom in guiding the dying and their loved ones through what most people believe is the last, most difficult experience of life. She has found that within the dying process are lessons for living life more fully. She believes that dying is the last, most important event in our life, and offers lectures and workshops to raise awareness of this extraordinary process, as well as other related topics.

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