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Rachael Freed, M.S.W., L.M.F.T.
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Introduced to the ethical will in the early 1990s, Rachael Freed has transformed this ancient tradition to empower 21st century women to preserve their voices and values for future generations.

Rachael Freed, MSW, LMFT, is a clinical social worker and adult educator, taught English, served in the Peace Corps in Tunisia, and practiced psychotherapy for thirty years. She read for the Minnesota State Services for the Blind for 15 years. Freed is a pioneer in the field of family-centered care in life-threatening and chronic illness. She founded the first Minnesota hospital-based program for families of the dying in 1973 at Mt. Sinai Hospital, Minneapolis. She is the creator of Heartmates, providing resources and services for families of heart patients. Freed created, wrote, and produced the Hugo Award-winning video-series, Portrait of the Heartmate. She wrote Heartmates: A Guide for the Spouse and Family of the Heart Patient and The Heartmates Journal: A Companion for Partners of People with Serious Illness.

Rachael developed a teaching model 'legacy circles' to guide adult learners and wrote Women's Lives, Women's Legacies (Passing Your Beliefs and Blessings to Future Generations) and The Women's Legacies Workbook for the Busy Woman (A Step by Step Guide for Creating a Spiritual-Ethical Will in 2 Hours or Less). In addition, Freed trains, certifies, and leads a nation-wide guild of legacy facilitators, and authored The Legacy Circle Facilitator's Guide.

She is a Senior Fellow at the University of Minnesota's Center for Spirituality and Healing, and was honored as an inaugural recipient of the Life Force award granted by LifeLearning at the University of Minnesota. She is one of the 'experts' whose ethical will work is featured on Dr. Andrew Weil's integrative health web sites.

Her passion for legacy comes from her intuitive knowing that reflects women's universal yearning to belong, to be known, to be remembered, and to have our lives make a difference. For more information, visit her websites at and

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