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I am a caregiver for my parents. What is the best way to use AgingPro?
    If you are new to caregiving, you may want to read through the AgingPro Caregiving 101 article.

    If you have specific questions, you can browse the table of contents, or do a search. If you need assistance right away, you may want to type your parent's zip code into the "need professional care in your area now" box. The results will show the nearest Area Agencies on Aging and Geriatric Care Managers, which are great resources for your caregiving needs.

What if I have resources to add to AgingPro, like a local care manager or elder law attorney?
    Great! AgingPro is THE place to find everything for the aging population and those who serve them throughout the United States. Let those businesses know about, and they can go to the "Get listed on AgingPro FREE" link on our site to add their listing.

How do I know the quality of services I will receive from a business listed on AgingPro?
    AgingPro offers a rating system allowing users to give businesses feedback that will assists others in evaluating their services. AgingPro can not guarantee the feedback is useful or true, but does everything possible to uphold the integrity of feedback. The intent is to allow users to let others know about their personal experience with a business and how their quality of service compares in the real world, similar to a personal reference.

How do I advertise my business on AgingPro?
    For more information on advertising on AgingPro, send an email to, or follow the "advertise with us" link on the website.

I am interested in working with the growing population of older adults. Can AgingPro help me with this?
    Yes, you've come to the right place. See the AgingPro Working With Older Adults 101 article for more information about this rewarding career choice.
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